Lauren (cutie3point14) wrote,

~wow, can you say worn out.....

~so many things have gone arye. there are so many things that i can not say. there have always been so many things i can not say.

~im gone. if i blow up at anyone i am sorry. there are just too many feelings. its nobodies fault.

~everyone has there ideas of who i am, and what i have done wrong. ive tried, thats all i can say, is that ive tried. i have lost myself, if anyone has found my well being please direct it to my body.

~i wish i knew the answers to all the questions asked of me and given to me. i havent looked for so long, that when i finally was pushed to look tonight, what i found was a mess. a mess so large, that i dont know where to start cleaning.

~im sorry to the people i have hurt along the way. it was never my intention. all i can do is pray. ......hugs and kisses
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