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~holy 800 months...

~hello there everyone. sitting at lisas, just got home from snookers with brian and lisa, watched the pistons beat ass, drank some awesomely huge 2.00 beers and a red headed slut (ha. havent updated in forever. everything is going great, im having a really good time....its nice to have a girl around again (NOT THAT YOU BOYS ARENT AWESOME). looking forward to my three consecutive years in school, but its working in a hospital with people. john and i are doing great, ive never been more in love. everyone put a little prayer in for me though, school is going to be crazy and im freaking out. going to the bank tomorrow to open a checking account, have a savings in the credit union but im more likely to spend money i have in my pocket so im putting my spending money in the bank.

~so i dont know who reads this anymore, but i do miss all of you. i think you should call or talk to me online because thats what needs to be done damn it.

~sara, this is to you, i dont know if you read this or even go on the computer very much any more but.....GET HAPPY DAMN IT!!! and call me. we have some things to talk about. not bad, hella. we just need to talk.

~brian and lisa.... thank you, just BBBOOOOONNNNGGGG!!!

~johnny, bubby i love you. i cant wait until we go on our trips just you and i. i think it is time for lauren and john to be alone for a time. cedar point and mackinac island, my god, im going to love every second. im such a little kid when it come to going places with you, i get so impatient until we finally get there. see you tomorrow and the next day. ahhh, bliss. ..............hugs and kisses
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