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~your nothing but a half demon.....

~um yes, i love inuyasha so much it hurts. that makes me a huge nerd, and i dont care. wolf rain was really good last night, ive never really been able to watch it, think i should start.

~things are going well. sara came home for the day yesterday. it was glorious. lisa bisa and calls the shots came too. stinks i dont get to see them all more often.

~brian, i love this time were spending together. your welcome for the italian book, sorry i didnt have those damn cds. talking is great.

~johnny b, i love you. your the only one who can create so many emotions in me at one time. laughing with you is the greatest high i could ever achieve. no one else could make me feel ok about the indent in my leg. haha. bubby, i wish i were with you. sorry about the crabbiness becuase of the elephants that parade through your kitchen every morning.

~now it is time to do some studying for biology. yeah, at two in the morn. ....hugs and kisses
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