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~oh yeah thats just great..

~i have a really yucky cold/flu. it was so bad that my biology professor asked me to move "dont take it personally, but i get sick really easy, and your too close" i made me feel bad. but i have to go to class, i dont pay money to skip. now the yucky is turning to coughing too, my favorite.

~upsides, i got to talk to cam today. yay for that. we figured out the last time we saw one another was karls wedding. that long of a time? horrible, just horrible. well fix that.

~got to see and talk to shaun m. i really hadnt talked to him in about a month, so it was wonderful seeing him again.

~so i have been up since 7 am. i never took a nap. erica was here all day, i had a few things i needed to do, people i needed to see. i had told john earlier that i would call him back. so i have, eighty times. no answer. call me bubby. cause im still up waiting. well for you....and quantum leap. .....hugs and kisses
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