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~and she was all like, whaaa???

~so its official. wednesday is the day. john said so. and im going to be mad and frustrated and sad, but healthier, and in the long run a lot happier. it all came about and really hit home, when i read a post in johns memory journal. he was so proud of me and made me feel it was all worth it. that i was worth it.

~no school today. oh, i was so surprised and confused. in a good way. haha.

~hopefully, tomorrow i will be going to johnnys house to spend some time with him. there is nothing like being in the arms of my bubby. im all excited just thinking about it.

~karl, wheres that baby??? cam, we missed each other once already must not happen again. sara, it was great talking to you miss you a whole bunch. and i dont know if you guys read this anymore but....JEFF AND CHAD, i heard you guys got picked up by a label. i am so happy. i tried to call jeff, but the phone number i have for you isnt in service anymore. i knew you guys would take over the world. and it looks like your starting with the u.k. miss you guys, i really do. call me. .......hugs and kisses
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