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29 May
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I am a simple complication. an oxymoron to say the least.what can I say, there is no one else like me and I like it that way.
a1, adult swim, alf, alice in wonderland, andrew greely, art, bach, back rubs, batman, beatles, bieng john malcovich, big, blue eyes, bonnebell, boston, boy magician, breakfast club, brendon frasier, buttercup, bye doll, cafe caramel, cardcaptors, carebears, cherry merry muffin, clockwork orange, cold play, cowboy bebop, dark crystal, dean koontz, debes, depeche mode, double beds, dr. pepper, eyes, faces for radio, facts of life, fifes and drums, fight club, fishnet, food, fraggle rock, glass houses, goofy, goonies, guster, halloween, happiness, happy garden, harry freakin potter, hats, hooverphonic, independent films, jazz, jettea, jim henson, juliana theory, kennedypool, kevin smith films, labrynth, lips, livejournals, lord of the rings, lords of acid, mandalay, massive attack, matisse, mike myers, monchichis, mongolian, montys, muppets tonight (original), my boys, naked man, new orleans, new york, norah jones, ocean, pajamas, pasta, pi, pictures, portishead, pretty in pink, pretty woman, quantum leap, radiohead, rainbow bright, reading, red green show, red hair, rent, requim for a dream, reservoir dogs, rock and rye, rugrats, running away, saturdaynnight live, scarfs, shrek, silver spoons, simpsons, sixteen candles, sleep well hypothetically, smallville, smiles, smooshies, snow, steak, stephan king, strawberry shortcake, sunny day real estate, sweaters, the crow, the cure, the onion, the virgin suicides, theatre, tick tick boom, virgin condoms, waiting for guffman, wayne state, willow, zoobalyzoo

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