Lauren (cutie3point14) wrote,

~getting sent home again.....

~computers in math dont work again. so we are getting sent home again. its really scaring me because this is the third day of class and the third time it has happened. they better figure this out quick. johnny, i need to come to your house and use your computer. becuase i dont really have one. help me...anyone...please. im going to fail. ......hugs and kisses
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Have no fear good(and hott!) citizen, I, Batman, shall come to your aid!

love ya hun, i miss you like crazy, one of these days im gonna have time to call you
hope yer ok
dont worry, you'll pass your class

I can UPS my laptop to you for a day. =)

Well... I would if it wasnt 90% of my life... sadness.... hahah